City & Country Pest Control, Toronto’s Leading Pest Control and Wildlife Removal Company, Warns of Cluster Fly Invasions as Fall Approaches

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), September 20, 2013 – City & Country Pest Control (, a leader in residential, industrial, and commercial pest eradication and humane wildlife and bird removal, is warning that with autumn and colder weather approaching, some insects and pests, including cluster flies, will be searching for ways to enter homes and buildings, looking for warm places to spend the winter. City & Country Pest Control is also reminding residents of the GTA that its goal is to provide property owners with a pest-free environment and, while cluster flies do not cause structural damage, they are a nuisance worth removing.

“When it comes right down to it, few overwintering pests are as annoying as the cluster fly,” says Horacio Parreira, owner of City & Country Pest Control. “Cluster flies get their name because they enter a home or building in the fall and gather together in clusters. While they look like common house flies, they’re actually larger and slower.”

According to Horacio, most people don’t even realize they have cluster flies until they become active in early spring or on warm and sunny wintry days. That’s because cluster flies are attracted to light when the temperature is above 10°C and to dark areas and other flies when the temperature is below 10°C. For families that head up to their cottages in the winter, cluster flies can emerge en masse when the heat is turned on.

“Just because cluster flies are, for the most part, dormant over the cold autumn and winter months doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to ignore them,” Horacio adds. “Homeowners should also be careful if they want to take care of the issue themselves. They may think using off-the-shelf insect or bug ‘bombs’ to eliminate cluster flies and other pests is a good idea, but this can backfire. A large number of dead cluster flies inside the walls and other hard-to-reach places can provide a steady diet for other pests, including mice and carpet beetles.”

Overwintering pests like cluster flies, Horacio explains, will try to enter a structure through cracks and gaps around windows or doors, or where siding connects to the foundation or root. Common entry points also include attics and chimneys. To help reduce cluster flies, it’s important to hire an experienced pest control company to treat not just the interior of a home, but also the exterior.

“By taking proactive measures, property owners can reduce the presence of cluster flies and other pests in search of a warm hiding place. Protecting a home from overwintering pests like cluster flies can also decrease the chances of an influx of secondary pests like mice,” Horacio concludes.

Fully licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and fully insured, City & Country Pest Control has been successfully providing pest eradication and humane animal and bird removal for residential, commercial, and industrial clients since 1989. Serving clients in the GTA, Golden Horseshoe, Southwestern Ontario, and all of Durham region, City & Country Pest Control prides itself on its quality work, personalized customer care, effective and proactive pest control programs; and exceeding its customers’ highest expectations. For more information on City & Country Pest Control, visit the company’s web site at, contact them by e-mail at, or call (905) 455-1102.

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