Reasons to Call the Experts for Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are cute, furry creatures that you would actually love if you saw them in the wild. But, the trouble is in Canada, and the rest of North America, they have become accustomed to living near humans. They eat out of garbage cans, steal pet food, and even raid kitchens. Female raccoons like to live in the attic because it's perfect for having babies. Once they have made your attic their home, they just won’t go away without a fight. Being highly resourceful, they will do anything to avoid capture. This is why you need to call the experts for raccoon removal.

Here are the top five reasons you need professional help:

  1. Raccoons often fight back: Raccoons are very noisy and can turn aggressive if cornered, especially if it is a female with a litter of kits. When they feel threatened, they may even attack your children and pets. You might end up getting hurt if you try to trap one or chase it away. This is a job for experienced raccoon removal experts.
  1. Raccoon bites are dangerous: One reason DIY raccoon removal is a bad idea is that raccoons often carry diseases. One disease that is most commonly associated with raccoons is rabies, which used to be one of the most dreaded diseases. Rabies causes extreme pain and, ultimately, death if not treated quickly.
  1. Commercial raccoon repellents are not effective: If you think commercial raccoon repellents work, then think again. They rarely do. Trying to frighten a raccoon with a repellant is like providing it with free entertainment. It will sniff, maybe squirt at the source of the smell, have a bit of fun, and then go back to doing whatever it was doing. You may have seen some companies selling coyote and fox urine claiming that raccoons are afraid of it. They do not work. Mothballs and ammonia do not work either.
  1. You might kill the babies: If it’s a female raccoon that is in the attic often, then she probably has a litter of kits. Giving birth is the primary reason female raccoons make themselves your unwanted house guests. This is especially true during and just after the breeding season, which is in the spring -- from February to May. If you accidentally kill the mother, the babies will starve to death. Besides being inhumane, the decomposing carcasses will cause hygienic problems.
  1. It is illegal to trap and kill raccoons: Raccoons are protected by the law in Canada and it is illegal to either trap or kill them. In Ontario, it is illegal to even own a trap that can catch anything larger than a rat. Therefore, removing these protected animals from your home requires a licensed pest removal professional who uses legally accepted methods to trap and then release them into the wild. If you try to do it, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Removing a raccoon involves capturing the animal safely, taking care not to hurt anyone or cause any property damage. The removed animal should be released in the wild so that it can survive and bring up its young. This is required by the law in Canada. This is the reason you should put the job in the hands of an expert who is licensed to do it.

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