City & Country Pest Control, Toronto’s Leading Pest Control and Wildlife Removal Company, Releases Comment on Rise of Termite Infestations in the GTA

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), July 25, 2013 – City & Country Pest Control Inc. (, the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial pest eradication and humane wildlife and bird removal, is releasing its comment on the recent rise of termite infestation in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The company also warns that in addition to termites being attracted to the heat and humidity of Southern Ontario, spray-on expandable foam insulation and even rigid insulation can be also be magnets for termites.

“Termites first appeared in Toronto in 1938; thanks to the heat and humidity, they have spread throughout much of Ontario. In Toronto alone, the infestation rate is estimated to be as high as 10%,” says Horacio Parreira, owner of City & Country Pest Control. “Even though a single termite is just six millimetres long, a colony can contain anywhere from 50,000 to one million workers. Left undetected, an infestation can cause serious damage to a home’s structural foundation, and even cause houses to collapse.” (Source: CCMPA press release, “Masonry can help combat the effects of termite,” July 19, 2011;

According to statistics, each year in the GTA, termites cause an estimated $120.0 million in property damage. The presence of termites can also drop neighbourhood property values by up to 25%. (Source: Ibid.) Unfortunately, says Parreira, termites are very hard to detect compared to other common pests, which is why colonies can go undetected for years and years.

The experts at City & Country Pest Control warn property owners in the GTA to make sure their homes do not have cracks or holes that could provide easy entry for termites. They should also consider eliminating moist areas and clean up any branches or wood found around the home. Parreira says homeowners should also be vigilant and look for termite infestation signs, including termite wings, fecal pellets, and telltale mud tubes on walls and beams.

Along with the humidity and warm temperatures, some pest control experts also think popular building materials, including spray foam insulation, have contributed to the rise in termite infestation in the GTA. Reports show that while foam insulation can help homes stay warm, it can also give termites a protected barrier for tunnelling their way towards wooden beams and frames. (Source: CBC News video, “Termites in Toronto,” July 16, 2013;

“Treatment methods for termite infestation can vary based on the species, size, and location of the colony,” Parreira adds. “The pest control chemicals used to treat a termite infestation are not available to the public and must be handled and used by a licensed pest management professional.”

City & Country Pest Control helps residents of the GTA rid their homes of damaging termite infestations. The company also performs a thorough inspection, looking for early signs of termite problems and eradicating them from homes if they’re found.

Fully licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and fully insured, City & Country Pest Control has been successfully providing pest eradication and humane animal and bird removal for residential, commercial, and industrial clients since 1989. Serving clients in the GTA, Golden Horseshoe, Southwestern Ontario, and all of Durham region,

City & Country Pest Control prides itself on its quality work, personalized customer care, effective and proactive pest control programs; and exceeding its customers’ highest expectations.

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