City & Country Pest Control, Toronto’s Leading Pest Control and Wildlife Removal Company, Announces Top Tips for Homeowners on How to Deal with Bats

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) May 22, 2013 - City & Country Pest Control (, the leader in residential, industrial, and commercial pest eradication and humane wildlife and bird removal, warns residential, industrial, and commercial property owners to be extra vigilant of bats this spring after a woman found dozens of them living in her apartment. As a result, City & Country Pest Control announces its top tips for excluding bats from residential, industrial, and commercial structures during the spring breeding season.

A woman living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, had to move out of her apartment after she discovered dozens of bats had moved in. The property management representative claims they have done everything possible to get rid of the bats; but they keep cropping up. (Source: “Saskatoon tenant fights bat infestation,” CBC News, May 13, 2013;

“The big brown bat and the little brown bat are the two most common types of bats found in the Greater Toronto Area. Now that spring is here, pregnant bats will be looking for places to nest to give birth. Pregnancy lasts 50 to 60 days with pups born in June and July—and they learn to fly within two to five weeks,” says Horacio Parreira, owner of City & Country Pest Control. “Well-adapted to civilization, bats are happy to roost in homes over the summer. That said, bats do not chew their way into structures. They get in through pre-existing gaps and holes.”

According to Horacio, when it comes to ridding a home of bats, timing is critical. If a nursery colony has taken up residence in an attic or under a porch, it is best to wait until the young are able to fly. Getting rid of adult bats when the pups are flightless means they will needlessly starve to death; this can also lead to an unwanted odour problem. Mother bats separated from their pups may also fly into different rooms of the house, looking for ways back to the roost.

Trying to exclude bats on your own with poisons or other inappropriate methods can increase the risk of human contact. If a home or other structure is inhabited by bats, it’s best to call a professional company like City & Country Pest Control. City & Country Pest Control will conduct a thorough inspection of the client’s property and provide them with a free, detailed estimate on humanely removing the bats. The company will also show the client how it will safeguard their property from bats.

“While bats are excellent at catching mosquitoes and other insects, they can also carry rabies —and are best enjoyed from a distance,” Horacio concludes. “To ensure your family’s safety and well-being this spring and summer, contact City & Country Pest Control to solve your bat problems humanely and prevent them from returning.”

Fully licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and fully insured, City & Country Pest Control has been successfully providing pest eradication and humane animal and bird removal for residential, commercial, and industrial clients since 1989. Serving clients in the GTA, Golden Horseshoe, Southwestern Ontario, and all of Durham region, City & Country Pest Control prides itself on its quality work, personalized customer care, and effective and proactive pest control programs, and on exceeding its customers’ highest expectations.

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